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Solar Parking Meters

CWT Compact by Cale America

Based on our proven MPC terminal, the CWT Compact is part of a new generation of unattended payment management systems from Cale, featuring the latest in applications and electronics technology.

Highly versatile  

Mains or solar powered, the CWT Compact is suitable for solutions requiring one or one thousand terminals.

Advanced parking management

When combined with Cale WebOffice (CWO), the CWT Compact offers a complete and powerful solution for the efficient management of large-scale parking.

High security, low cost of ownership

The stainless-steel cabinet is both weather and vandal resistant, while the Cale patented electromechanical lock and sensors enable central access control. The terminal can also be fitted with an alarmed vibration sensor for additional security. The terminal has a two-part design to simplify installation, relocation, upgrading and servicing.


Simple graphical display with an alphanumeric keypad and pre-programmed, step-by-step instructions. Display screens can be customized to include images, different fonts, accents and all characters used in any language.

Disabled accessibility

The CWT Compact is compliant with all the relevant standards for disabled accessibility.

MPC by Cale America

The MPC 104 Compact (MPC) includes all the features of our basic MP 104 terminal, but in a slimmer design. The terminal is available in several standard colors.

Grows with your success

The MPC has a modular design that enables you to add functions and payment options in line with your future needs.

Standalone or network mode

The MPC can operate with both standalone and network applications where, for example, pay-by-space users can pay at one terminal and extend or terminate their stay at another terminal.

Security first

All components within the solid, stainless-steel housing are designed with optimal security in mind. For example, reinforced materials, patented locking systems and proven technical solutions based on 55+ years of experience.