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Zeag Management System – ZMS


management_typeThe ZEAG Management System (ZMS) is an advanced parking management and revenue control system. It allows the operator to efficiently monitor the status and control the operation of the car park that enables you to maximize your car park revenue and profit.

Our software system is developed with first-class engineering aptitude comprised of numerous tools and features that create a state-of-the-art environment with clearly structured modules. These allow the competent, skilful and efficient operation throughout a mixed range of various software versions and product generations.

The graphical user interface is particularly user-friendly and effortless to understand as it uses a set of self-explanatory animated icons. Every icon is labelled with a picture that suggests the command or action it executes. All modules have a high level of security and are password protected with individual user level access control. Accountability delivers accurate and prompt information allowing superior level of analysis and reporting.

ZMS is designed with the highest developed intelligence along with a modular layered system topology. This results in an extremely reliable management system with an open architecture. This in particular, reflects the system proficiently capability of handling a simple single PC installation or the most demanding client-server structure – the smallest to a multi-site connectivity and distributed car parking networks. Communication between ZMS and Orion peripheral stations is through Ethernet TCP/IP and/or RS422 interfaces.

Management System Brochure