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Card Access Systems

Access control with an impressive set of advanced features. PremiSys is an attractive option for facilities of every size. Whether you are looking to secure a small office building or a complex network of facilities requiring superior security management integration, PremiSys is the versatile access control solution from the trusted name in security.



PremiSys Mobile App

Mobile App – Conduct many of your daily access control activities while away from your desk. Use your mobile phone to handle security tasks or as a mobile enrollment or badging system.

Dynamic Mapping – PremiSys is an all-inclusive access control system, containing dynamic mapping to monitor alarms, video, relays, doors and alarm acknowledgments through a floor plan/graphic map interface. PremiSys dynamic mapping is easy to configure; you simply drag icons from the site tree and drop them onto the map.

Identification Badging – PremiSys™ ID Pro is the built-in badging module that provides the power and versatility to create a professional ID badge solution with a look that’s distinctively yours. Ready-to-use screen designs can be modified easily using convenient drag-and-drop controls, and you can print a badge directly from the data entry screen.

FIPS 201 Compliance (Integtration to Provide PIV/TWIC Card Support) – When used with PIVCheck Plus Desktop Edition with PIVCheck Certificate Manager from Codebench, PremiSys provides enrollment capabilities that read PIV cards and store their information in the PremiSys cardholder database. Cardholders with PIV cards can then use their cards for access control in their facilities.

Photo Recall – Instantly identify cardholders as they use their cards to access specific doors. Color coded photo windows provide quick and easy visualization of those who entered, or were denied access. A pop-up window also provides reasons for access denial.

Cardholder Reporting – Custom configure records to display in groups for fast, simultaneous viewing alphabetically, or by any other category you define, such as who has access rights to a door, time zone, etc.

Antipassback (APB) – The system prevents reusing cards to access the same area within a specified period of time, or until the card has been used to exit the area. Areas-based APB also incorporates occupancy counts.

First Card Unlock – Keep doors locked until a valid card is presented during a specified time zone. If a valid card is never presented, the door remains locked to the scheduled end of the time zone.

SMTP Mail Server Connection – Send emails to computers and mobile phones to alert security personnel of system events or alarms.

Scheduler – Schedule archiving of transactions, backups of your system database, and data imports (from SQL, Microsoft® Access, or .csv).



Video Integration – PremiSys includes video integration with exacq® Technologies exacqVision®, American Dynamics, and Pelco. Live and recorded video is configurable for display triggered by system transactions or alarm acknowledgments. You can also open live video at any time.

Integration with Schlage® Wireless Locks – PremiSys works with Schlage wireless locks, whose interchangeable readers permit the use of proximity, smart, multi-technology and magnetic stripe cards.